Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ulver- Kveldssanger

Phew, that was a long time off. My stolen internet was acting up and I had to deal with a massive stack of student portfolios (and all the crying and whatnot that comes along with that whole process). Then there was the long drive back home to Chicago. But no blizzards this year, so I guess I should just shut my maw. Anyways, this was the prefect soundtrack to that long, grey drive. I think one of the complaints people typically have with metal (especially those unfamiliar with the genre) is that they think it all sounds the same. Hopefully, the releases I've posted this month will make a few people see just how diverse it truly can be. And this is a great example of a metal band that continuously sounds un-metal. Currently, Ulver is exploring the electronic black hole that Coil fell into. But this is their Nordic folk maelstrom. It's completely acoustic and features some pretty/dark arrangements that I'm sure threw off fans expecting that black metal buzz. Time to set sail for Valhalla.


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