Wednesday, December 23, 2009

They Were Tight Bros. Way Back When

People are starting to sound pretty ridiculous. I'm no language purist, and I certainly concede that languages must evolve, however, that doesn't mean I'm going to participate in these stupid language trends that are often just products of commercial speak. So here's a list of words/saying that shall never appear here: chill, extreme, actually, apps. (applications or appetizers), 3g, paradigm, outside the box, absolutely, 24/7, all about, ginormous (or anything that would sound appropriate coming out of Rachel Ray's putrid mouth),whatever, random, seriously, angsty, really, anything my students would say in their daily conversations, fair enough, kudos, it's all good, upgrade. Shit, that took me 10 seconds and I'm barely even getting to the core of the list. So, let's put that aside for now. Instead, here's a tape of some people who really know how to talk. Yeah, it's just talking the whole time. They do talk about metal for a little bit, so I think it fits the month's theme. But really it's so much more than just talking. I'm not sure if this whole thing is a hoax or what, but it's definitely funny.


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