Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Don Rickles-Hello Dummy

One more before the night's through. Anyone who knows me will certainly testify that I love talking about dummies. And living in Morgantown I'm fortunate since there is such an abundance of such people. People who will almost drive off the road because they're busy with scratch off lottery tickets. People who wear white baseball caps. People who love calling my friends and I faggots every time we walk to school. Oh, and the trash heap of human refuse that hangs out in front of the church near Alex's--I can't forget those winners (your super huge jeans might benefit from the addition of more zippers). I can name fifty or so local varieties, and that might be selling the diversity short. Rickles also knows a thing or two about dummies. While his jokes are more racist, homophobic, and misogynistic, than what I'm talking about, his bitterness still makes me laugh. This isn't for prudes even though it's like 40 something years old. But if you don't get the humor then go suck a lemon you sour fuck. So anyways, metal, the theme of the month. Obviously, Donny isn't going to burn a church down or anything, but his hate is strong. Therefore, I proffer that he be included in metal month simply because his disdain for stupidity far exceeds that of any dour Norwegian. This guy's as old as Abe Lincoln's dildoes, and he's still funny.


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