Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hackamore Brick-One Kiss leads to Another

April Fools Day must be one of the best days of the year. As a lover of pranks & hoaxes a day devoted to chaos, mischief, and misdirection is super appealing. But I promise, I'll resist the urge to post something jokey and claim it's up to snuff, or make some stupid comment that is intended to mislead you readers. Instead, I'll be content with taping paper fishes on unsuspecting people's backs and posting some of my favorite albums in honor of this day. And here's another all time favorite. This lp was given to me by a friend who later insinuated that I stole it from him (I didn't). But anyways, I'm glad I ended up with a copy of this and it's definitely worth the price of a friendship, since this is some amazing rock. This might have been the first band to really draw from V.U. and still make it their own. Kinda like the Modern Lovers at times, but with a 70s soft-ish rock edge. I think after years of fan begging this made it onto cd a few years back. Makes me wonder what took them so long. And I like the guy on the left's socks.


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