Monday, September 13, 2010

Ruth White-Flowers of Evil

So here's an example of what should be found on those Halloween mixes we're all starting to prep for rather than doing the things in life that are of actual significance. Weird, homemade sounding proto-electronics paired with the decadence of Baudelaire's words makes for scary times for all. This is the type of things that weird out your party guests. And no one is going to be impressed that you have Reign in Blood. My mom has Reign in Blood. It's filed next to her James Taylor albums.



  1. Y'know, I thought I had this - but I didn't - now I do! Spoooky ....

  2. What's even more spooky is that I knew that would be the case. Kidding. Hope you like it.

  3. Ha! best description ever... This is the last record I actually 'needed' to find. Took me a long time and 30 bucks. Thanks for providing a digital copy. Great blog!